1999 Photos

All taken on September 18th 1999

Bird Table

"Chez Andy", the four- star bird table. The dark red- leafed tree is a flowering cherry.

The Garden in Spring 98

Note the conical roof, with lead flashing and finial. The stain is Cuprinol Garden Shades "Holly", applied diluted 5:1. The new fence in the background has slotted concrete posts and the top foot of each panel is trellis.

View towards house
At last, a view towards the house. The lean-to garage just visible to the left, set back from the line of the house, is my "shed". Those walls are just crying out for a Wisteria or Boston Ivy, aren't they..?.
View towards house
Take two steps further back and the view changes to this, thanks to the golden-hop draped arch.
'Lady Betty Balfour'
'Lady Betty Balfour' on the smallest of three obelisks (also seen in the view towards the house, above)
Bucket Pond
A pond in a bucket. Frogs, snails, water lice and leeches have already moved in.
Somewhere to rest
Somewhere to rest...
Humulus lupulus 'Aurea'
Humulus lupulus 'Aurea' in all her glory - note the flowers, or hops, which only occur on female plants.

Silent wind-chime
The hook on this post is for a retractable washing line; the trellis is for a Clematis, but until I plant one, this wind-chime, with bells removed, brightens it up. The stain is the same as on the bird-table.

Compost Heap
In truth, the only reason I grow plants is to feed this beast, the compost heap: two slat- fronted bins, made from pallets, insulated with bubble- wrap envelopes and old fertiliser sacks. The black sheeting is covering the remains of the lawn. Behind the heap is the single six- foot panel which is the end fence, the whole lot being under the flowering cherry tree.
For the future
Of course, there're still a few jobs to do. One day, this dead coal- house will be replaced with a greenhouse...

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