Instant home proagators


These diagrams are from:

"Fuchsias - A Colour Guide"

by George Bartlett

Crowood Press, 1996

ISBN 1 85223 927 1 (HB), 1 85223 999 9 (B)

a coffee jar

This coffee jar is obviously only suitable for smaller pots - unless you drink a lot of coffee, and buy catering size jars!

a sweet jar

For the sweet jar, Bartlett suggests using a strip cut from cell- or plugplant- trays; and using short plant labels. He also suggests "hardening off " rooted cuttings by removing the lid for a longer period each day, with the plants still in the jar, before removing them completely. You'll have to judge this carefully, as it will be difficult to remove plants once they're above a certain size.



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