'JANDORR' Newspaper Plant Pots

If you're concerned with keeping costs low, or simply want to be more environmentally - friendly, you can make bio-degradable plant pots from newspaper. One sheet (two pages) of tabloid makes a pot about 65mm square and 77mm high. One sheet of a broadsheet gives 100mm square by 95mm high. Here, with thanks to Maurice Larcombe for the original text and diagrams, is how...

1. Paper flat in front of you short edge toward you. (Call this the top).
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2. Fold nearest edge to centre. Fold nearest edge to centre again. Make a third fold the same size which should be half way down the sheet. This crease will be the top rim of the pot.

3. Turn paper over keeping top rim toward you.

4. Divide paper into thirds; fold left third over first then right third. Make good creases down the folds.


5. Tuck right hand flap into left hand. You should now have a flat tube with your original folds on the outside; top toward you.


6. Turn paper on edge and push lengthways creases inwards together and make two more lengthways creases down the paper.


7. Open out top to form a square and place facing you. One of the sides will have a flap. Have this flap on the top.


8. Push two of the opposite sides inwards pushing down on top of the square at the same time. Make inward creases down the length of the tube.


Having the top of the pot toward you up to this stage is to make explanation and illustration easier. Once you have the folds mastered there are numerous ways of making them.

9. Turn paper so that the top is to your right (left handers may find it easier with the top to the left) and make an upward crease, under the folds.


10. Make an upward fold, (half of pot size) to the left of the last crease, fold down flat and make a good crease. 9

11. Open up the last fold; stand the pot upright and open up the square at the top of the tube, pushing the inwards folds outwards and creasing bottom of pot into a square. Finally fold the 'tail' up the side of the pot, over the rim and into the inside of the pot.


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