Welcome to my garden, in Birmingham, UK.
The Garden as it was
6th September 1995, when I first moved here, and the garden was nothing but grass. I'd just started digging the first of four raised veg beds - the raised mound that looks like a grave!
The Garden in Spring 98
April 25th 1998, showing the four raised beds, completed.
The camera is looking North West, and, yes, the garden tapers to a 6' fence panel. The four pictures on the right of the page are views from my bedroom window, the two on this side were taken from the back door. The Garden in late summer
The garden on September 12th 1998.
The Garden in Spring 99 The Garden in Spring 99
These three picturess were taken on 15th May 1999. Things have moved on a lot since then, with a new fence on the left hand side and the wigwam of canes replaced with a metal obelisk. By June, the golden hop completely covers the arch, which it is starting to climb in the two pictures above

The Garden in Spring 99

This picture shows how the 3' lawn "path" widens to a sitting- out area. See the next page for pictures looking towards the house .

More 1999 Pictures

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