This Collared Dove was photographed in my garden, on 27 October 2000, at about 5.30pm.

Collard Dove 1

I used a Fuji FinePix 4700 Zoom digital camera (on the "standard" lens setting; neither zoomed nor set to wide- angle, with automatic focus and exposure, but set to take the largest, highest quality, pictures), on a tripod. The camera was positioned against the 20x eyepiece of a Kowa 611 birding scope, looking through a frankly in-need-of-cleaning, NW-facing, window. The sky was overcast, with the sun setting - light levels were not ideal. The bird table is approx. 7.5 meters from the scope, which was near its closest focus.


The following three pictures are all from the same original.


The first was resized to 640x480; then cropped slightly:

Collard Dove 2: first image



This image is cropped directly from the 2400x1800 1,654Kb original:

Collard Dove 2: second image


And this is the full- frame version, resized to 640x 480, but not cropped. Note the vignetting in the bottom corners:

Collard Dove 2: third image

Birds 2


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Last updated 1 June 2001.