From The Beat, April 1998


The Broadwalk, Sheffield

Who? Well, between ten or fifteen years ago, Haze were a regular, and popular, draw at the (then) Curzon Street venue The Railway - and many other venues up and down the country, with their incessant touring: over 500 dates in five years!. They split on their tenth anniversary, in 1988, when drummer Paul Chisnell decided he needed a regular day job, but the remaining duo, brothers Paul & Chris McMahon continue to play to this day as World Turtle, whose next Birmingham gig is long overdue. This concert was a twentieth anniversary reunion, which saw fans and acquaintances of the band travel from all corners of the UK - and, in one case, Italy - for an evening of unashamed nostalgia (your reviewer admits to being an occasional roadie). Shorter - and thinner - hair, wider stomachs and better cars were the order of the day, as was a two and a half hour set of the most electrifying prog rock imaginable. It was hard to believe there had been such a long wait. A handful of further gigs are now being discussed, and the whole show was recorded for a limited edition CD, which will be available soon, mail order from: 25 Fir Street, Sheffield S6 3TG. See you up there in ten years!

Andy Mabbett
Copyright 1998

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