These creatures have all visited my garden




  Speckled Wood

Speckeld Wood, on Sambucus racemosa 'Plumosa Aurea'


2nd Speckled Wood  2nd Speckled Wood, again

Another speckled wood; note the effectivemness of its camoflage when its wngs are closed.

(The above were taken on 2 August 2000, the next four on 5 August)

S. Wood

And another Speckled Wood, somewhat less well hidden, on a daisy


Gatekeeper, on (unopened) Sedum spectabile

Green- veined White        Green- veined White, again

Green- veined White, on Phlox

Photo004x.jpg (3887 bytes)

This little devil, and its siblings, together with fungal Black Spot, have almost defoliated the climbing rose 'Etoile D' Holland', around my front door.  Taken 14 August 2000

Photo008x.jpg (13230 bytes)
Here it is again. This picture was taken by holding my 10x Ruper hand lens over the lens of the camera, an old (for a digital) Casio QV11.

More bugs to follow...

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