These fungi were spotted in Central Birmingham on 26 October 2000.


brown- spotted fungus


Seen in full sun, this is a little over- bright - the true colour can be seen in the shaded part. A pound coin gives scale. This specimen was found on a cultivated, wood- chip mulched, rose bed, beside the steps leading from Fletchers Walk to Baskerville House. Possibly Agaricus Silvaticus but could be A. Augustus?


This is one of its siblings, upended so you can see the gills. It is about the same size as the first, but was photographed on 30 October.


crabapple- like fungus

A little camera shake, due to the heavy shade. These were about the size of, and superficially looked, like, crab apples. As you can see, one is lying on its side. They were growing at the base of a tree, where the ground was dry and quite stony. These and the next specimen were found on the disused Railway, at the rear of Holiday Wharf. Almost certainly Lycoperdon Pyriforme.


red fungus

Amanita Muscaria (Fly agaric). This one fell over as I cleaned away leaf debris. Again, a pound coin is included. Further on, I saw a quite a few, in varying stages of development. Note the mossy, damp and shaded conditions.


All pictures were taken with a Fuji FinePIx 4700 Zoom digital camera. Thanks to the good people of uk.rec.natural-history for advice and identifications.

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Bracket Fungus At Nant-y-Arian



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